As we launch into 2017, let’s make sure that Food Safety is in the forefront of our minds. A few simple steps can make the difference between safe and unsafe food, especially during this hot Summer period.
Cold Food: always make sure that cold food is purchased and stored at temperatures of 5°C or below. Check that refrigeration is working at its optimum by checking food and fridge temperatures. If transporting Cold Food, keep it chilled on ice and use an esky or mobile refrigerator / freezer.

Frozen Food: always make sure that frozen food is purchased Hard Frozen, and stored in a freezer that will maintain it Hard Frozen. Signs of thawing will indicate issues with the freezer unit, or exposure to high temperatures. If food is thawed, cook immediately, and do not re-freeze.

Hot Food: always make sure that hot food is held and served at temperatures of 60°C or above.

Cooking Food: a safe cooking temperature to achieve for all cooked foods is 75°C or above. The temperature should be taken from the core of the product i.e. centre of the product.

Ambient Food: whist temperature control is not critical, some ambient foods need to be refrigerated after opening e.g. Tomato Sauce, Jams and Preserves etc. Check the label and follow the manufacturers instruction.
Remember the Danger Zone is between 5°C and 60°C, with a wide range of Bacterial Growth at its optimum around 30°C to 37°C.