Once food has been cooled in a “safe” manner, Reheating of potentially hazardous foods is equally important. A few simple guidelines to follow are:

  • Reheat rapidly – to reach above 60°C in a maximum period of 2 hours;
  • It is highly recommended to reheat food to above 70°C and hold for at least 2 minutes, or alternatively reheat to above 75°C. (Always comply with your Food Safety Program)
  • Always ensure that the core temperature (centre of the product) is monitored, especially when reheating food in a microwave due to uneven heating – stir or turn regularly;
  • Hold hot food at above 60°C;
  • Unused potentially hazardous foods should not be reheated for a second time, and must be discarded.

Cooling & Reheating of food to the right temperature keeps your Food Safe!