Whilst the documentation is critical, audit readiness is more than just that. Your processes and systems need to be sound, along with a disciplined approach to diligently following the system, allocating resources and ensuring that remedial or corrective action is taken when non-compliances occur, to achieve a successful audit outcome.

The key components of getting Audit Ready are:

  • Get the Records / Paperwork in order – very simply if you cannot trace or find the evidence and records, it is highly unlikely that the auditor will be able to locate it!
  • Carry out an Internal Audit yourself, or ask a colleague to undertake an audit on your behalf, based on The Standard;
  • Trace the work flow and review – from the ordering of products – receival – storage – preparation – cooking – cooling – reheating – packaging / transport – service; (follow your Food Safety Program)
  • Review your Support Programs and Systems – Building Premises and Equipment – Maintenance and Calibration of equipment – Cleaning and Sanitising Process & Procedures – Health & Hygiene of Food Handlers – Pest & Waste Management Programs – Food Recall & Customer Complaints – Food Handler Knowledge, Skills & Training
  • Review of your Food Safety Program – Internal Audits, Annual Reviews and Amendments and Version Updates as required by The Standard.

Do not attempt to “falsify” records, as it is a serious breach, with serious consequences – it is better to have a Non-Compliance, as it can be rectified!

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